New gallery site!

Just a quick heads up to clients and visitors that my wonderful gallery host has just done a major overhaul of the site – it’s looking great and the migration has mostly gone smoothly, but if you encounter any access glitches in the transition, please do be patient (and feel to leave a comment or … Continue reading

Why headshots?

After a marathon run of shoots – well, marathon for this part-time-shooter – I realised my clients were asking the same questions and I was telling the same story a lot.  So yeah – why IS a full time opera-singer and voice teacher taking so many pictures? First and most important answer: it’s really, really … Continue reading

I love “young artists”

I love “young artists”

By typing that header, I have officially made myself feel old!!   However, given that in my singing life I have been past the upper age limit for “Young Artist Programs” for {cough} just a few years now, I’m allowed to say it, with the greatest of respect and affection.   From my perspective of jaded … Continue reading